Repair services

We can provide all kinds of recovery services for hard drives. You can have a look at the specific solutions we provide.

External hard drive


When attempting to recover your external hard drive, we leave no stone unturned. We use the latest recovery techniques to recover data. We can work on any operating system. Data may be lost from external hard drive due to accidentally deleting files, power failures, etc. Whatever the reason is, we can recover your external hard drive back to the original state.

Solid State Drive (SSD) recovery


SSD recovery is very complicated. SSD drives are fast and more reliable than traditional spinning platter storage devices. As there is no moving part, it is less likely for SSD drives to fail. Still, electronic faults or accidental damage can cause data to be lost from SSD drives.

RAID data recovery


We can recover any kind of failed server including Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, etc. We can get your server up within 24 hours and transfer your critical data back to it. Our RAID recovery engineers have knowledge about Exchange, IAS, NT Server, Server 200, Server 2003, Data Center 2006, etc. We have successfully recovered from many big companies.

Hard disk recovery


When your hard disk crashes, any important data stored may be lost. We provide professional recovery service for your hard disk. We can recover data from despite any type of operating systems, computers or drive types.

Data loss can happen any time. With our knowledge and expertise, we will be able to recover your data even when your drive is in the worst condition.